Monday, September 30, 2013

It's Monday!

I love that every Monday +Lindsey Mart motivates me to get my weekly goals together. It's like starting off the week with a purpose. We evaluate last weeks goals, set new ones for this week. And throw in any helpful information, or ask for some! EVERYONE should do this, bloggers or non-bloggers!
Last week....
1. Dinner with Dad. No excuses. OHMYGOD no.
2. Pack lunches. not really...
3. Get transmission fluid changed. nope.
4. Write a good article for Sorority Stylista complete with photos YES
5. Pack up a fair amount of clothes to keep at Yorktown house so I don't keep driving back and forth for clothes and donate what I don't need at all YES

1. Begin outlining my thesis paper and draft questions for the interviews. {20 days to COSTA RICA!}
2. Spend 2 nights at home in Williamsburg to manage stress appropriately
3. Start a journal
4. Repeat goals 1 & 3 of last week....
5. Clean out room in has become family storage AGAIN.