Saturday, September 21, 2013

Preppy 101: USG Style

All right ladies and gents, I grew up with the ORIGINAL prepsters. My grandfather was King Prep in his KA days. (That's the Kappa Alpha Order, also known as "The Order.") And my grandma was a Tri-Delt. These were the top houses on campus. Legendary for their parties and overall prepping.
My mom tended to have a bit more edge to her style, but everyone needs the fashion-forward mind.
One day, I discovered this little gem in my family's library.
When I was a teenager, I decided that this would be my life. And for years, I spent a great deal of time trying to perfect my prepster lifestyle. The first step was to master the preppy wardrobe. With my grandfather's careful guidance, I was able to learn the ways of the classic prep. He was careful to distinguish which is the "classic" prep style, and which is the "faking it" prep style. 
He went on to explain that at any informal gathering, Top Siders are the shoe of choice. Sandals could be worn by women depending on the occasion. That is how we discovered "Jacks" aka Jack Rogers Navajo Sandals
He also went on to explain the polo shirt or golf shirt. He had more golf shirts than the average Vineyard Vines store. His favorite were the "Crab" shirt aka Jimmy and Sook Pique Crab Polo Shirt. My favorites will always be Vineyard Vines or Ralph Lauren. Same for button downs.
Every man should own several pair of well-fitting chinos. Khaki and Navy. Depending on your specific style, Black is also useful.
NEVER wear a polo tucked in unless you're wearing a belt. Big preppy-no-no.
Ladies. A good baseball cap can hide many a bad hair day. My favorite happens to be the one I'm planning on sporting all fall/winter long. The Plaid Frat Hat. +Lindsey Mart and I are obsessed after seeing it on College Prepster. 
Boots. NECESSARY objects. My personal favorite are Frye or Ariat.
The book goes on to talk about preppy activities such as golf, tennis, tailgating, and to drink like a classy prepster. G&T's without getting...what is it they call it now..."white girl wasted." That's gin and tonic by the way. 
If anyone has ever wondered why I march to my own drum, it's because no one seems to follow the rules set forth in this book by the letter anymore. My grandfather taught me at a young age what it means to be a classic prep.
So now I've ordered the sequel to this book, True Prep. But if you haven't read this one...READ it! The Official Preppy Handbook. My style guide at ALL time.