Thursday, September 19, 2013

Balancing the work-flow/fun-flow during senior year

If I were to make a meme about my current life it would look something like... 
What I think senior year should look like: (show pictures of sisters hanging out having lunch, girls out living it up at our last few frat parties before graduating into the real world, and tons of photo ops) 
What senior year actually looks like: (show me hidden behind a stack of books, my hair up in a messy bun, and yoga pants for days)
That's about what this semester is shaping up to be like. And I this research assignment is no great shock to me. I have dreaded and anticipated it for 4 years, but for some reason once it's upon you it's a whole knew feeling. First, if you're anything like me, you feel compelled to not only do well but knock it out of the park. In fact, you want to knock it into the next county. I have this romanticized view in my mind of when I finish my thesis (or as CNU calls it, senior seminar) I will be recognized for my insight and dedication as well as invited to present at our annual research panel in the Spring. I've never been satisfied with "good enough" which is not as great of an attribute as it sounds.
My challenge is not missing out on those moments that I will remember for a lifetime, only for a few more sources that I may end up tossing out anyways. This coming weekend is Fall Fest presented by CNU's Campus Activities Board. There are typically inflatable amusement things (whatever they're called) and all of the Student Organizations set up a table and feature a game or give out information about their organization in some fun way.  These are moments to bond with your sisters or teammates or with whomever you share your fraternal bonds. This is a time for which you should prepare by completing your library hours or any work ahead of time and focusing on unforgettable memories.
The PR photo ops, the funzies photo ops, and the silly laughs playing with all of the new puppies that seem to be joining the Greek family at CNU, are almost just as important. I have learned the hard lesson of placing enough value in sisterhood time as well as academic time when budgeting my time. We will sleep when we are dead. (Just kidding...6-8 hours of sleep per night and plenty of Vitamin C, it is cold and flu season after all.)
I just encourage all students, seniors or freshmen, to place enough value in time with sisters as well as academic success. This balance is vital in order to lead a healthy and successful college life. Learn when it is OK to put down the books and go run around like a crazy person on an inflatable moon bounce at Fall Fest, or go to a festival in town,I personally REALLY want a sisterhood lazer tag outing. 
The only way this thesis thing will kill me, is if I let it take all of the fun out of my senior year. Sisterhood may be for life, but the 4 years you are together lays the foundation for those lifelong bonds.