Saturday, September 7, 2013

5 for 5 plus confessions!

Old goals!
1. Color code closet. I didn't get that far, and it's an involved process with a tiny closet. Still has not happened. We've been staying at my grandmother's house so pretty much nothing has been done at my house.
2. Limit my grocery trips to once per week. This means making a real list, not a "this is what I'm in the mood for right now" list. I feel like I'm always at a grocery store. I actually made it a whole 5 days without going to a grocery store. Granted, I probably REALLY need to.
3. Gym 3x a week. I was out of town for 2 days, so that didn't work out.
4. Come up with a thesis/annotated bibliography for my Hispanic Visual Arts class. HAH. I have gotten some sources, but that's about it.
5. Go an entire week without a hitting snooze on my alarm. I think I actually have done this...

New goals!
1. Most important: develop a topic for my senior seminar paper. (Other schools may call that your senior "thesis")
2. Pay credit card bill. I CAN I just haven't.
3. Watch 2 movies on the list for my Hispanic Visual Arts paper.
4. Take hearing loss documentation to disabilities office at school!
5. Make an effort to have lunch/dinner with my Dad who I haven't seen in weeks.

1. I don't really want to have dinner with my Dad. We never have anything to talk about except how well he is going to "start" doing at work.
2. I'm TERRIFIED of this senior sem paper.
3. Sophie and I tried to stay in bed ALL DAY today, but it didn't work. (Sophie is my dachshund snuggle buddy)
4. The only thing that has really helped me improve my mood amidst all this stress is shopping.
5. I find myself wishing I didn't have to speak English...ever. Spanish is so much easier.