Tuesday, September 3, 2013

5 for 5!

5 Confessions
1. I have been having video game withdrawals from being so busy.
2. The more stressed I get, the less I actually want to get done.
3. I frequently have dreams that I am Ziva from NCIS.
4. Sometimes I'm equally as excited to see my boyfriend's roommate's dog as I am to see the boyfriend.
5. Lately, all I really want to do is crawl into my bed with a book that isn't school related and hide.

How did I do on my goals?
1. Remember hearing aids every day. This is ridiculous. They are expensive and necessary, stop forgetting!!! Not so much.
2. Don't fall behind in any class. YAY! So far so good.
3. Try to write one blog article every day (this is a try not...definite) Hasn't really worked out. But the Blogtember challenge might.
4. Organize closet. When I have extra time. DID IT TODAY!
5. Make a study schedule that is realistic and easy to follow. Haven't made a schedule, but the studying has worked out ok.

New goals!
1. Color code closet. I didn't get that far, and it's an involved process with a tiny closet.
2. Limit my grocery trips to once per week. This means making a real list, not a "this is what I'm in the mood for right now" list. I feel like I'm always at a grocery store.
3. Gym 3x a week.
4. Come up with a thesis/annotated bibliography for my Hispanic Visual Arts class.
5. Go an entire week without a hitting snooze on my alarm.