Friday, July 26, 2013

the death of a laptop

I'm currently struggling in the world of technology. My beloved Sony Vaio died this morning a violent and explosive death. I knew his final moments were approaching when the battery was no longer detectable but today it began sparking and smoking in my lap and I knew that quite obviously it was toast. Literally... Burnt, smelly toast.

Now begins the great laptop search. The Vaio was bought in haste when my truly beloved MacBook drowned at work. Future NOT bring your personal computers to work unless it is ABSOLUTELY necessary. If so, make sure you have extra protection!! It never worked very well to start, especially compared to Mac but prices are far too steep for a college student. I really only use the internet and Microsoft office programs anyways. My video game days are far less now that my free time is so limited. I spend more time pinteresting and reading my bloglovin' feed than I would gaming. would be nice to have a laptop that could successfully run League of Legends when I'm hanging out with my boyfriend's gamer friends.

Currently I know what I do and do not want in a computer. Now the question is....what computer fits these specifications?
1. Metal casing. Plastic is flimsy and while it may be lighter and easier to isn't worth it! Metal unibody casing with removable battery is definitely the way to go as far as durability goes.
2. AMD processor or at last an i5 Intel. Anything less than the i5 is a waste for gaming.
3. I don't want to rule out the possibility of running windows 7 or at least windows 7 shell.
4. Definitely and ASUS
5. Less than $800. I think that anything more than that is silly for someone like me who doesn't use creative suites or any scientific stuffs. I used garage band a lot on my MacBook but not on the Vaio.
6. 15.2" or less to make it portable
7. Backlit keyboard

Not too much to ask right??