Tuesday, July 16, 2013

That nasty little thing called insecurities...

When you ask a 20-something-year-old girl what their insecurities are, she may say that the extra weight she gained in college or small chest size may be the first things she says. What she doesn't tell you is her REAL insecurities. Things that actually reveal something more about her than her physique. 
I will confess my biggest insecurity is my intelligence. I have never made really great grades and have never been super at retaining information. I just go with the flow and get by as best I can. I study an appropriate amount, but will never be magma cum laude.
This is something that I struggle with constantly. I pretend I listen to NPR and read nonfiction books for fun, but I honestly would probably rather watch the food network and read a fantasy novel.
My friends call it "appreciating the simpler things in life."
This notion got me thinking. What are people's REAL insecurities? I mean we all could stand to exercise and eat well or whiten our teeth, but what is the hidden truth you wish you could improve?
Is it emotional independence?
Stress management?
A disability?
Lets stop calling physical preoccupations "insecurities" and focus on the things that make a huge difference in our lives.
There is always a salon, gym, spa or whatever that can fix the other things. Lets shine a light on things that matter more and inspire change. And if you need inspiration...find a deafie. They will tell you all about overcoming insecurities. Speech therapy. The first time you wear your hair up with your hearing aids or cochlear implant showing. People asking if you're special needs because you talk "funny."