Saturday, July 6, 2013

So close to a new school year!

This isn't so unconventional but still important...
I get so excited over new school supplies. #nerdproblems but as soon as PS Paperie in Port Warwick, Newport News posted on their Facebook page that the new Lilly agendas were in...I had to make sure I got one before they sold out!
PS Paperie is always very well-stocked in their Lilly Pulitzer and Vera Bradley items, but hell hath no fury like sorority girls seeking Lilly!! 
No collegiate woman can be successful without a good agenda or day planner. No ladies, your phone is not sufficient to schedule your life. And if you are anything like have to have every second planned out in order not to be stressed. Plus the boyfriend doesn't keep an agenda so I keep important dates for him in mine such as concerts.
Time to be a typical sorority girl for a moment... I love my Lilly but really I'm so excited to get my things in order for school next semester because then I'll be back with my sisters again :)
The Unconventional Sorority Girl