Friday, July 5, 2013

First post as The Unconventional Sorority Girl

Hey y'all! I'm "The Unconventional Sorority Girl" and my name is Ashley Young. I am a rising senior at Christopher Newport University in Virginia, and I am a member of Alpha Delta Pi. I love my family, my sisters, and my dachshunds more than absolutely anything and post a superfluous amount of pictures of my dachshunds on the have been warned!

I want to be an audiologist and plan to attend graduate school in the Fall of 2014 for a Doctor of Audiology degree. I am hard of hearing and wear bilateral snazzy purple Phonak Naida hearing aids. My hearing loss affects a lot of my sorority life, but my amazing sisters always make sure that I know what is going on.

What makes me "unconventional"? It certainly is not how I dress. I am very taken with the "preppy" style and can usually be found in J.Crew as it is classic and always appropriate. I volunteer for absolutely every non-profit I come across. Right now I am an intern at The Arc of Greater Williamsburg and help serve about 100 clients with intellectual and developmental disabilities. I love each of my clients and can tell you something about all of them. That is where the "conventional" sorority girl stops in me.

1. On a Saturday night it is not uncommon to find my little and my boyfriend and I playing video games and/or watching a Harry Potter movie that we have all seen a zillion times.
2. I rarely pass up the opportunity to help my dad hunt raccoons, opossums or groundhogs on our farm. (The best is to go around midnight and shine spotlights into the brush so that their eyes glow. My mom and I hold the spotlight while Dad shoots.)
3. I live at home and have never lived in a dorm. My mom owns her own construction company and an online clothing store, so I stay pretty busy here.
4. I'm an organizing fiend! And keep the house as clean as possible with 3 dogs and 2 parents.
5. I have a mouth like a sailor, and try as I might to overcome this....I have not been successful. I blame my mother for letting me on construction sites when I was a teenager.
6. It is an act of God to get me to go to the gym. I will never be one of those peppy girls on the treadmill at school with a ribbon in my hair and reading the latest "must read" book club book. And "diet" is a four-letter-word that is NOT permitted in my house!
7. I am incapable of keeping my opinions to myself...and if you read #5 you can imagine that this is not always well-received in the Greek community from a little blonde in a Lilly dress.
8. I am also incapable of paying full price for anything. Not because I can't pay it, but because I am convinced I can get it cheaper with a coupon or research.
9. If I had a choice between hanging out with friends or my mom, I'd almost always pick my mom.
10. I don't "party." Sometimes some of my boyfriend's fraternity brothers get together, or some friends and there may be alcohol involved...ok I'm lying...there's ALWAYS alcohol involved when more than 3 Kappa Sigmas are together. But you will never, ever see me "wasted." It isn't because I'm morally above that, because I am definitely having a good time...just not that way. So take that TSM! (Total Sorority Movement...aka lies about sorority life.)