Sunday, July 21, 2013

trip of a lifetime. The grand ole opry.

I got to tour Vanderbilt university to check out their audiology program and spent the weekend in Nashville, Tennessee. This is one of the most memorable trips of my life as a lifelong fan of country music.
My sisters will not hesitate to tell you that I'm "country." I remember the first time hunting came up in conversation with one of my sisters from Fairfax county, Virginia. She looked at me and said "stop you're joking."
I grew up in a house in which fuzzy little creatures were varmints that needed to be shot. Girls learned how to cook and clean and be good southern girls. Boys learned to hunt, fish, and work hard. And drinking wasn't exciting or forbidden...just part of life. 
At the center of all of these traditions is good ol' classic country music. If you don't know all the words to "sweet home Alabama" and "a country boy can survive" you lead a deprived life. Country music is a cornerstone to the southern way of living. Respect for God, country, and mothers. 
Many of the most successful country stars came from absolutely nothing such as Loretta Lynn. Music was their escape, but most never forgot their roots. 
Country music truly speaks to your soul if you let it. There's no way you can listen to Johnny cash at Folsom prison and not be amazed by his talent. When that fiddle gets to going in an Alabama song, if you don't have the urge to dance you might just be crazy. 
Ill never forget standing in the opry house and imagining all of my heros standing in that iconic circle on WSM radio; to gst to celebrate the music that got me through so many hard times and helped me celebrate so many good times.