Friday, August 30, 2013

The Bucket List

Tonight, my mom and I were talking about our bucket lists. We lost my grandfather very unexpectedly in May of 2012 and we have been doing our best to live life as much as possible. Today we were deciding all of the things we wanted to do before we die.
Most of these involved travel, but it got me thinking that I need to make a Bucket list that I can keep adding to as I learn of new things to do or places to go.
1. Go to Peru. A friend and I have talked about this in great detail, but it hasn't happened and I want it to.
2. Go to Costa Rica and meet Mabel Marin, a playwright whose work I have analyzed and admired in great detail.
3. Shop in Harrod's
4. See Dave Matthews at Red Rocks
5. Hike someplace super exciting (but not dangerous...please)
6. Ride in a hot air balloon
7. Shop on Rodeo Drive just like Vivian in Pretty Woman. (I use this reference because they wouldn't want to help me either.)
8. Ride a horse on a trail without a single fence in sight.
9. Live abroad
10. Drink wine in France, either in Bordeaux or Champagne.
11. Visit the Grand Ole Opry again.
12. Watch every movie on my "to watch" list
13. Learn to make macarons the French way
14. Visit the Caribbean islands
15. Learn Russian
16. Become an expert in something
17. Write a novel (even if no one ever reads it)
18. Have an article published in a scholarly journal
19. Marry my best friend
20. Become a doctor

What is on your bucket list?