Sunday, August 11, 2013

Old Goals, New Goals

So last week my goals were pretty straightforward.
1. Pack for Chicago, check. I was quite successful. I did end up going home early and missing the Detroit trip because of a cold. Colds are miserable when you have vertigo or ear issues.
2. Start recording expenses, sorta check. I keep all receipts now, but I haven't been logging each expense in a notebook like I had wanted to
3. Make and stick to grocery lists, n/a. I haven't been home, and didn't want to get groceries before I left!
4. Go to bed earlier with time to read, big time no. I pass out the second my head hits the pillow lately.
5. Remember hearing aids every day, check!

This week will be a little different
1. Fix dent in back bumper of the silver bullet (aka. my Kia)
2. Read as much of the book for senior seminar as I can so I will be prepared. It's a total snore.
3. Get my guest room cleaned out and handicap accessible for my aunt to visit :) she is still in a wheelchair from a traumatic car accident, so I want her to feel welcome.
4. Get a present for Dad's 40th birthday. And make his favorite: german chocolate cake!
5. Finish putting together boyfriend's birthday surprise.
*Bonus* - try to get more than 1 blog a week in ;)
Are you keeping up with your goals??