Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Obsession of the Week!

Black Friday Ads leaked online! That has taken up an inordinate amount of time this week. I really love the energy of Black Friday shopping and excitement of getting great deals!

First: I review the ads that have leaked ahead of time, but then review them again on Thanksgiving when I get the newspaper. (I always get both local newspapers, because sometimes one has ads the other does not. Typically this only applies to grocery ads. Also useful when you need multiples of the same coupon like $1 off something since it can't double.)

Second: I plan out my basic attack strategy. What time does which store open? Who has items I need v. want? Prioritize where, when, and why.

Third: Put all of this into writing. Keeping it in your head is how you get confused, flustered, and end up missing out on stuff.

Black Friday 2013 Shopping
Time Store Item Price  Discount  Notes
Walmart World of Warcraft Expansion $10.00          $19.99
  Walmart Supercenter (approx travel time 12min)
  Cisco N600 Router $44.97          $35.00
  11181 Lee Hwy
  Pyrex Set $19.99  
   Fairfax, VA 22030
Target Westinghouse 40" Television $199.99        $429.99
  Target (approx travel time 14min)
  Sony Wifi BluRay Player $54.99          $104.99
  13047 Fair Lakes Shopping Center
  Aero Bed $64.00 $129.99
  Fairfax, VA 22033
  Ninja Master Prep $29.00 $49.00
  Contigo Water Bottles
Look at pots and pan sets*
$15.00           $24.99

Here is my basic spreadsheet. I plan to print out a copy of this as well as a copy of directions to both stores. I will be spending Thanksgiving with my boyfriend and his family, so I needed to familiarize myself with the things that are around there and how to get to them.

How do you plan your Black Friday shopping?