Monday, November 18, 2013

Monday Goals for the Week!

1. Finish my senior seminar paper. This is a VERY lofty goal, but I would like to have it finished before going into my oral presentation. (Not even a chance, maybe I can finish it by Wednesday....)
2. Spend one hour every day doing something fun (either on pinterest or playing a video game to relax and decompress) (Yes!)
3. Finish my rough draft of Spanish paper. (Almost!)
4. Catch up on all late work in Literature. This is SHAMEFUL. I am soooo far behind in this class. (Yes!)
5. Remove all items from my room that I am giving away/throwing out. It sounds icky, but I just decided to throw away some books that are falling apart and some old craft things that were just cluttering up my life. I throw away A LOT of stuff that I don't need/want and isn't suitable for donation.  (Yes!)
6. Take mom to see Thor 2. She really wants to go and I'm not being a good daughter lately. (Tried...failed)
7. Go to all classes clean/dressed/made-up (Yes!)

So I got some, not all, accomplished. I'm definitely going to do better this week.
1. Be on time to every single class (and attend every single class)
2. Get items from home together for Formal Recruitment Charm Checks! Can't wait! I love recruitment so, so much.
3. Decide what I will be making for Thanksgiving. My first thanksgiving with a significant other's family. eeeeep.
5. Celebrate finishing senior sem (if applicable)
6. Complete all scheduled blog posts this week.
7. Get car serviced! (Groupon for Jiffy Lube)